Editing Services

Line Editing

Line editing is an in-depth look at the flow and structure of the prose. It takes into account sentence structure and variation, scene and paragraph transitions, tense, vocabulary, dialogue usage and structure, and general wording of a piece to make the manuscript as smoothly written as possible. I’ll consider how each scene is constructed and whether the writing contributes to the pacing and tension level necessary for the moment. This type of editing is usually coupled with basic copyediting. It is used primarily for fiction, though it can be used in nonfiction as well. It includes up to two passes.

Content/Developmental Editing

Developmental editing is for those who have completed manuscripts but are struggling with the structure of the novel or underlying content elements. I can help you tweak your outline and rearrange scenes to deliver a more captivating story. Along those same lines, most clients who opt for developmental edits also request more detailed content edits. The detailed content edits focus on fleshing out characters, the environment, and the more complex layers of the plot. That includes assessing the subplots as well as the effectiveness of the narrative, point of view, and dialogue. I’ll also look for inconsistencies in plot, pacing, and general sentence structure. This service is best suited for short stories and full-length fiction. Two passes as well as occasional voice/video chats are included.

Copyediting Plus Proofreading

Copyediting and proofreading consists of searching for typos and correcting basic punctuation errors. It also includes checking things like grammar, spelling, and consistency of such items. This kind of editing is ideal for manuscripts and nonfiction pieces that are complete and just need final touch-ups. It includes up to two passes.

If you’d like to work together on your project, please email me at SaraMegSeese.Author@gmail.com We’ll discuss time frames, a sample edit, and your goals for your project.